The Steam Deck could finally get me into PC gaming

The prospect of PC Gaming has always intimidated me. What type of setup do I need? Which GPU is best? Which motherboard do I need? If I spend a chunk of money on a setup, will it soon be out-of-date? So, I’m ashamed to say, I’ve shied away from it, opting to play games on console whenever possible.

When I eventually did bite the bullet and get myself a decent gaming setup, Covid-19 hit. Like many others, the TechRadar team began working from home and my new setup became a workspace rather than the gaming kingdom I had imagined. Where the thought of PC Gaming had previously intimidated me, it now nauseates me. The last thing I want to do at the end of the day is to return to the desk I’ve already spent hours hunched over. My poor back needs a break and my mind needs some detachment.

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