I loved the iPad Pro’s Center Stage camera… until I lost control of it

When Apple announced at its April Spring Loaded event that the next generation of iPad Pro tablets would have a new face-following camera feature called Center Stage, I rejoiced. Finally, an intelligent camera to perfectly frame myself in video chats! But the reality turned out to be, frankly, rude.

Yes, my 11-inch iPad Pro (full disclosure: a loaned device from Apple) will skillfully pan and zoom to center my face and torso in video calls, essentially using the ultrawide camera yet cropping in to the most important subject (i.e. me). Normally – when it’s just me in the call as it has been throughout lockdown – the camera smoothly follows me should I lean in or out or walk around. All was well. And then I went back into the office.

That’s when I discovered that my coworker who sat (safely distanced) behind me would get recognized by the camera, which would pan and zoom to his movements, even if he was turned around. The nerve! My iPad Pro was giving my colleague co-star billing in my own picture!

(Image credit: Future)

Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my work Zoom

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