Best indie games on PC and consoles 2020: the greatest hidden gems

The best indie games are every bit as engrossing as the top AAA games and deserve consideration for your next gaming experience. They may not come with the same kind of anticipation or level of production, but they offer something that you can’t often find in big blockbuster games. Whether it’s a different perspective or a unique type of gameplay, they’re free to experiment the way AAA games can’t.

In fact, while they don’t often have the same kind of muscle behind them, they can still be as quality a game and have as much depth as the best AAA games. They’re the perfect examples that you don’t have to have a large corporation footing the bill to put out a game with a great story, visuals, and most especially, gameplay. You’ll even see some of the best indie games among the best Steam games you can buy right now.

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